Homophones 1 - Visual Differentiation

Equipment: These sheets and 2 coloured pencils. Handy’s colouring placemat could also be used.

Instructions: Using Sheet 1, ask your child to circle in red the letters that are the same and in exactly the same position, pair by pair. Then circle in blue all the letters that are either different or in a different position. Make a note of how many letters differ (either entirely or in position), to give an idea of just how pesky each word is.

Extension: Using Sheet 2, see how accurately your child can label the pictures. Allow them to peek at Sheet 1 or, if needed, give them hints, such as ‘You found three letters in the same place with this word.’

For the most difficult pairs, return to Sheet 1 and ask your child to circle all the vowels in one colour and consonants in another. Many of these words are remembered using strategies known as mnemonics and words-within-words, which we’ll be uploading soon, so if your child is struggling, don’t worry, we have other Handy tricks up our sleeves.