Homophones 2

Homophones are words that sound the same but are spelt differently and have different meanings. There are over 50 commonly used homophones and it is notoriously tricky to remember which word connects to which meaning.

This selection all use either the ee or ea diagraph* in the middle of the word. So in some ways the spelling is not as hard - so long as you can remember which words go with ee and which with ea!

Try the exercises below, in the order provided if possible, and keep any pictures your child creates for the fridge/bedroom wall for a little more reinforcement.

Both of these sounds make what is known as the ‘long, strong’ vowel sound. Magic E also makes the vowels make their ‘long, strong’ sound, but there are very few single syllable Magic E words that have an E as the first vowel, which is why we have so many using ee and ea.

*A digraph is simply means two letters making one sound.