For many children learning to spell requires a little extra help - other than ‘Just write them out again!’ We want to share with you a range of ideas - that work - and teach children why so many English words are spelt strangely: this makes them feel super smart too!

Understanding word origins is good for everyone, not just ‘funky’ spellers. Having a range of strategies that ignite our brain’s love of colour, exaggeration, humour, imagery, connectivity and variety helps too. We’ve been using lessons, like these, for years and we hope your children benefit from them. With Handy products to remove frustrations in the class and improved spelling skills, your child can focus on what’s important about writing: their imagination, comprehension and expression.

Some irregular words are easier to explain than others and different methods work for different kids, so we’d love to hear what works for your child, let us know on Instagram your top tips.

New lessons will be added regularly and we’ll be running lots of competitions to inspire the kids, so sign up below to be the first to hear our news. Happy, Handy Spelling!


  Homophones 1

King Covered in Ketchup

Homophones 2