The perfect starter box includes one pencil from each collection: Tricky, Homophone, Synonyms (for ‘said’ and nice), Nouns & Adjectives, Verbs & Adverbs and Silent letters (kn/wr) - 6 crackers!

Who gave the parts of speech such forgettable names? Eliminate confusion with two pencils of Nouns/Adjectives, Verbs/Adverbs and our super fun Proper Nouns.

Kids love realising how many words are homophones and discovering the meanings through Handy’s actions. Six pencils that remind them of 42 of the most confusing ones.


Thinking of replacements for our most common and overused words can be tough on the spot, unless you have a synonym pencil in your hand. Here’s 6 to start, to keep your teacher overjoyed!

The original Handy idea. Our reseach showed that these 250 words were the most annoying, most commonly misspelt amongst our students, so we devised Handy to stop worries about spelling and let ideas flow.