Handy Ruler

It’s not just the spelling of many of the days and months that can confuse, but the sequence too. A super useful, everyday 15 cm ruler for writing the date and any problem where you need to know the order of the days and months.


Small, colourful aids for the infuriatingly easy to confuse ‘left and right’ and ‘b and d’. Three A6 sheets for bookbags, pencil cases, folders that immediately clarify which is which. Lime/left, Red/right. Blue/b, Red/d.

Temporary Tattoos

Easily applied and removed with water. These 2 A6 sheets can be applied to wrists, hands, even ankles to help your child avoid persistent confusion.


Handy Band

A simple and subtle silicone band with one bee / Bb and one dog D/d illustration. If confusing these two letters is your child’s problem, they need only look to their wrist.